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Limited Ammo, Limited Edition

By Bobfish14-08-2013

Today we bring you not only a new ARMA 3 Beta video and confirmation of release (September 12th) but also details of the obligatory Limited Edition. To be honest, there isn't a whole lot in it, just some extra digital content, a few cards and a map and the words Limited Deluxe Edition on the box. It's not a terrible edition really, we have probably just become spoiled by the gratuitously ridiculous figurines, steelbooks and statues that other companies throw at us. It's worth remembering that Bohemia are still a rather small studio, despite their critical acclaim.

However, they have now come under the umbrella of the Koch Media family as well. You know, the guys who snapped up Saints Row IV? So expcet to see their star on the rise very, very soon. Considering what they were able to achieve on a shoestring budget (bloody Walrus!) just think what they can do in the future!

See the galery below for a closer look at the goodies, but really, the star of today is the Beta video.

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