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Like a Real Farmer

By StuntmanLT09-08-2015

Hey there fellow virtual farmers. Are you fed up of ploughing that land on your Farming Simulator 15 with the fiddly keys or a silly controller? Fret no more, Saitek is here to save the day. Soon you will be able to buy a steering wheel and pedals for $150, a vehicle side panel for, again, $150, or a set of both for just $300.

“Forget about using racing wheels to play Farming Simulator, you'll be driving your vehicle with a properly tilted, center sprung steering wheel with 900 degrees of turning and a wheel turning knob—just like the real thing!”

So keep your Lamborghini’s and John Deere’s fuelled and ready and as harvesting season is almost here. Yeeeehaaa!

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I need this in my life