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Lightning Strikes to bring Big Dreams

By Toast18-01-2014

You'd think with a title like that, I'd be talking about something Final Fantasy-ish. No, we're actually talking about ARMA 3 believe it or not, see that screenshot up there? It has lightning striking down on that poor tank in the distance. Does this mean we'll be wielding the powers of God and striking down our foes with super powers? I'm sorry, I'm being silly! We actually don't know what it could be though, but we do know it is top secret and that it'll likely be revealed to us when February 2014 arrives. To add fuel to the already burning rumours, it's been hinted at being bigger than conquest mode or a co-op campaign.

But here is some upcoming things we do know about, Bohemia is very close to releasing a new multiplayer build of the game which will have some optimization improvements along with other little improvements. Along with that a brand new post-processing effect to push a bit more juice out of the already stunning visuals the game presents to us. But about that new multiplayer build:

"There finally is some solid movement on the multiplayer optimization front," Bohemia reports. "Over the past weeks our programmers, David 'Dwarden' Foltyn, and several community admins tested the new build quite a bit. They are already reporting significant performance increases, as well as better load-balancing on CPU cores."

Of course, if you're looking for more ARMA 3 content before the Feburary arrives, there's always the second of the trilogy of content packs for the campaign, titled Adapt, to be released on the 21st of January. You'll have access to new vehicles and new equipment such as infra-red 'nades, along with a whole host of brand new campaign scenarios.

Hey, while you're all still here reading this, how about we bring something else to your attention? Have you seen the new weekly Humble Bundle? Not only does it contain the previous ARMA games but another few nice goodies from Bohemia too, including Carrier Command: Gaea Mission and ARMA Tactics. But along with that, if you have an interest in DayZ the new PC sensation taking the media and gaming fans by storm, you could try out the free mod with this new bundle, if you can't afford the stand alone alpha yet.

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