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Lightning Returns onto Your PC

By Kelevandos10-06-2013

If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series and a PC gamer at that, you have lots of reason to feel neglected. Not many of the games were released for our beloved platform, but it would seem that Square is going for a change there! In LA, quite obviously in connection with the upcoming E3, some posters for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII have spawned and boy, they get one thinking! Next to the usual logos of PS3 and Xbox, there is a tiny, so-well-known PC logo! This is something new, as even the official site does not list it in the platforms section.

An editing mistake? Or a turn for the better? We should learn tomorrow, as this is when Square will be holding their press conference!

For those unaware - Lightning Returns is the 3rd instalment in the FFXIII line and the finishing entry in the Fabula Nova Crystalis compilation. The game is supposed to take up where Final Fantasy XIII-2 left off and feature some great mechanisms like limited gameplay time (the world is going to end in a few days) or an ever changing world.

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