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Light the Candle

By BloodyFanGirl15-08-2013

From Teku Studios comes a platformer straight out of the 90s. The game owes an obvious debt to such classics as Another World, Odd World and other planets within the solar system of platform puzzlers. The twist here though is that Teku has a candle instead of a hand and this is a core component of gameplay (not entirely unlike the role light has in Dark Matter). For example, in Candle, certain enemies are afraid of the light and will flee if you approach them with your candle limb. Your candle can also illuminate hidden items and other things. Candle features the adventures of player character Teku as he traverses the beautiful, hand-drawn landscape. Check out the gameplay commentary video above.

Candle has a Kickstarter with a day left on it. They've already reached their first funding goal of $40, 000 but the stretch goals promise to add a bunch of really cool stuff to the game if met.

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