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Life is Better with a Titan

By NAG3LT16-03-2014

While many people are busy playing Titanfall, EA and Respawn have made some fun advertisements for the game. One of them is a video advertisement showing one of many gamers' fantasies in high quality for everybody to see. Having your own personal Titan in real life would lead to some destruction and make life easier. However, as you would not be the only Titan owner, the ad suggests that a busy street would quickly turn into one of the game's maps.

Another small fun thing is a Titan drop generator. Upload an image and you will receive a gif of a Titan explosively destroying it by falling on it. Just like this.

Pixel! SMASH!

Finally, there are 3 old classical games remade into flash games with Titans in them. However, unlike starship in Asteroids or missile defense system in Missile Commando, Titans are tough. So while a missile can destroy a city, no amount of missiles or asteroids can harm a Titan. So enjoy the classics with a new cheat – Titan mode.

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