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Liberating Assassins Creed

By Fr33Lanc3r.00710-09-2013

Assassins Creed Liberation was a PS Vita exclusive that was set and released around the same time as Connors adventures during the American Revolution, was recently the subject of a leak concerning upcoming Ubisoft games. It's now revealed - as part of Ubisoft's Digital Days event - that the HD remake of Liberation will be making its way to PCs (along with current gen consoles) as a digital download. According to the Press Release, Liberations HD is a complete re-working of the story and world from the Vita exclusive, with differently paced missions, polished layouts and free-running paths, and new side missions - as well as technical fixes to bring the game up to acceptable standard for a non-handheld AAA game.

I'm not sure about everyone else on the Pixel Judge news team, but I know I'm excited to be getting a chance to fight the Templars in New Orleans without the burden of having to buy a Vita, and I'm pretty sure there are some among you who feel the same, so raise your hands in excitement!

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Posts: 3290

Well, it was originally a handheld title. There isn't much you can do to improve it without completely remaking it.

To be honest, in some ways I actually think it looked better before. The mist effects helped mask a lot of the ugly and added to the atmosphere

Posts: 1548

Its always good to see more games coming to PC but it doesn't look that impressive anymore...

Posts: 3290

I'm just glad I don't have to buy a Vita anymore. Though it's also nice to see it's not just a simple port too

Posts: 166

Really looking forward to this as I am a big fan of Assassin Creed and this is HD should be awesome.