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Leviathan Tabships

By Bobfish07-05-2013

Setting sail for the Apple App and Google Play stores and pulling up to dock in your tablet harbours. Leviathan Warships are on the move baby. The most bombastic boat beat this side of Bermuda brings it back home, with the Jazzman following close behind to expand your beautiful boating experience. Ship got real, at no further cost, the much loved narrator from the genius advertising campaign is coming as free DLC.

More importantly, and undeniably the most impressive part of all this is the cloud gaming. Not only will all platforms, including the newly introduced tablets, be able to play with each other. You can even start a game on one device, upload your save file to the cloud, leave the house, pull your iPad from your pocket, log back in and pick up right where you left off. Now that, that is cool. If you want to know more about the game, check out their official website and keep an eye open for the war of the roses, Lancaster vs York, coming up tonight.

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In theory, there's no real reason this won't work on more recent mobile phones. I mean, realistically, everything from the iPhone 4 onwards is a pocket sized version of an iPad. Droid I'm less familiar with, but surely the more recent Galaxy and Sony phones are at least equivalent. I'm always hearing how they're so much more powerful than the iPhone

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Hmm I wonder if my Nexus 4 will support it too. Might be too small though for this kind of game. By the sounds of it, it will only support tablets.