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Levelling Out

By Bobfish13-01-2014

Levelution. It is a silly word. No, scratch that, it isn't a word, it's a mental dysfunction the DICEy people at EA like to throw around to make themselves seem harmless. Hoping, maybe, if they say it enough, we'll take pity on the poor unfortunates, for they know not what they do. Or do they? As it seems they had enough sense to leave it out of the China Rising DLC...eventually.

"We looked at Altai Range, with the weather station. We thought maybe we could collapse that - but we then realised it would kill the gameplay space and the flow of that central key area. It's not necessarily a case of putting a big, epic set piece in every single map - it's where it fits and where it won't."

Said Craig McLeod (of the clan McLeod!) during an interview last momth. How this managed to slip past the radar is currently unclear, but probably had somthing to do with how atrocious the game was at launch. Considering the number of problems the game had, and still has, removing levelution completely, even the weather affects the above video talks about was actually a good idea. The less we hear of that word the better.

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You could always Like, Favourite and Subscri...uhm, yeah. Something like that


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Just thought it may bring in gamers who may not be familiar with PJ.com

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That...is a really good idea.

Thanks Ruby

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It will be back with Second Assault. Also kudos to Mr Frags for the vid. You guys should get in touch with him to see if he will do something for you guys. Whether it be a gaming session or something. I love his stuff