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Level Increase Finally Coming

By Merc29-03-2013

Borderlands 2 was one of our favorite games of 2012. And finally it will receive a level cap and some other fun additions to mix up the gameplay (if you are still playing). All of the changes will take place on April 2 which is right around the corner.

According to Gearbox we can expect a multitude of new things. These include new items added to the black market, an increase to 500 iridium that a player can hold, more bank and storage upgrades, and a third playthrough for veterans. These are all going to be free of charge which is always nice. If you have not heard there will also be a new character that accompanies the new level cap. If you are a season pass holder then the level cap (will be 61), and some powerful new weapons that can be picked up during the third play through will be free of charge. But if you did not buy the season pass then you will have to shell out $4.99.

If you want a full list of the changes please go here. Are these changes welcomed by veteran players and will it bring you back if you stopped playing the game a while ago? Let us know in the comments.

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