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Let's Squeenix Every Last Drop

By Bobfish08-04-2015

It may come as a shock to many, but video game sales don't happen entirely in the first week of release. The single largest influx of sales, often, takes place then sure. But judging a game's success by this tiny slice of time, not really too bright. Pontefract, Tomb Raider 2013. Which actually broke sales records, supposedly, and went on to be re-released, with Lara's face fully retypologised!!one! for the 'next-gen' consoles. But still had Square...let's be honest, they were pissing and moaning about sales figures.

Fast forward to today, and now they have confirmed. Not only was it the fast, initial, selling in the franchise history. It is now also the best selling period, and most lucrative. Having passed the 8.5 million units sold mark. Which is great news, don't get me wrong. I have some personal complaints about the game, but won't and don't deny it's still a good one.

But this does make me all the more baffled that Squeenic came up with the barse ackwards idea of making Rise a (timed) Xbone exclusive. And would like to take this as an opportunity to point out to y'all. It would be really great if you'd stop crying about a game being a financial failure in the first year. Not everyone can make a billion dollars in the first day, and games don't suddenly stop earning you money just because someone buys it six months down the line. A sale is a sale is a sale.

Sometimes you have to play the long game.

Seriously though, gratz about the sales. Just bear it in mind for future titles before making a tit of yourself.

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