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Let's Have a Cup of Tea in The Woods

By Bobfish25-05-2013

A third gameplay video for Sir, You Are Being Hunted has made it's way onto teh intrawebs. Featuring mountainside woodland exploration, robots, and a nice cup of tea. Well, I'm sold. All it needs now is a super rare Collector's Edition that comes with a lifetime supply of Lancashire Tea bags and this will officially be the greatest game, in the world, ever! True fact.

Anyway. Please, do bear in mind the game is still in its very early stages, this is even pre-alpha footage, so a lot of textures are still in placeholder states. The end result promises to be far more impressive, with many things, such as the rate at which you will bleed out, still to be correctly tweaked. Those expecting a tech demo of a finished product really must bear this in mind. Meanwhile, those who wish to help fund development, well you can do that right here good sir!

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Posts: 207

I'm looking forward to it too.

Posts: 123

I actually can't wait to play this game.