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Let's Get to the Root of the Problem

By Bobfish02-09-2014

Well, now this is intriguing. It might just be the Tron game we've all been waiting for. Courtesy of Deep Fried Enterprises, we would like to introduce Root. A virtual hacking FPS...thing. Yeah, that really is as awesome as it sounds. With an art style clearly, and openly, outright stolen from Tron, you are Edward Summerton. An expert hacker who has set his sights on the dirty little secrets of an, as yet, unnamed mysterious organisation. But with a bit of a twist. Rather than cracking lines of code and rewriting backdoor loopholes, you're going directly inside (or projecting yourself in side at least) and literally fighting your way through the anit-viral programs. Gameplay and premise actually remind me, a lot, of the PSP game Coded Arms, but with a far more striking visual aesthetic. It's currently doing the rounds on Greenlight and can already be bought from their website for £2.39, which is a little more than three bucks. So, really, what do you have to lose?

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