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Let Us Storm the Sky

By Kelevandos09-04-2013

Some time has passed since we had a good helicopter shooting game but here comes Thunder Wolves to change it! The game, developed by the Hungarian studio Most Wanted Entertainment and published by bitComposer, is supposed to revive this a bit forgotten genre. With 13 action packed missions carried out in 4 different regions, objectives varying from seek-and-destroy to escort operations and 9 different helicopters to choose from, the title is sure to bring back memories! The developers promise tons of aerial action in fully destroyable environments! Add a multitude of enemies from infantry to land vehicles, helicopters, spectacular boss battles and a local multiplayer tag mode and you get a game sure worth waiting for!

Seeing how the guys from Most Wanted took up the ambitious, yet ultimately failed, Nexus 2 project on Kickstarter (you can check out are interview with them here), we can surely expect an interesting game with lots of enjoyable content, as long as they do not push the ambitions beyond budget. The solid, yet not unflawed, reputation of the publisher, bitComposer, also gets up hopes for an all-finished title. If Thunder Wolves lives up to the creators promises, we are up for a lots of arcady fun!

Thunder Wolves looks to have lots of potential, especially seeing how the genre was neglected lately. The only thing I am unsure of is the number of both, missions and helicopters available, respectively 13 and 9. It may not be that much but I guess it all depends on the size of the level. Additional content like achievements, mission modes or modifiable weaponry will also prolong the gameplay.

Thunder Wolves is coming out on PC, Xbox and PS3 in the second quarter of 2013.

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I'm getting flashbacks of good old days :)