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Let me in Your Window...s

By Bobfish20-01-2014

Because Windows 8 still hasn't progressed to market domination like they hoped, or because they want to give us Dx11.2.14783...and a fifth. Or because a cat licked a power outlet. Or because it's a Tuesday...Windows 9 looks set to drop in April 2015. At least, this is according to Winsupersite, who give a name of 'Threshold', with the caveat it will probably be renamed Windows 9 prior to its arrival.

Now, contrary to popular belief, Windows 8 (which will be getting a service pack in April of this year by the way) is not nearly as terrible, or unpopular, as Vista...Twilight might even be a better love story than Vista...but Windows 8 has still been a decidedly unpopular move for Microsoft. A whole new OS might not be such a bad idea. Especially considering every other release they make seems to be continuing the trend of fixing the problems from the one before, and actually being popular.

What Threshold will actually consist of, unsurprisingly, is all very vague and almost purely speculative at this point. But expect it to be, functionally, not all that different from Windows 8 on the surface. Focusing on apps and fancy pointlessness that makes it look purdy and run like a donkey with a tuning fork through its brain. Like it or loathe it, that's what the mass market likes and the mass market are more likely to buy it than we are. A new version of DirectX? That one we will just have to wait and see.


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Posts: 3290

What I see, honestly, is Microsoft moving further and further away from gaming.

And that is a good thing

Posts: 1317

The removal of the Start button/menu in Win8 was so infuriating. Had to install third-party apps to get one. Microsoft. One step forward. Five thousand back.

Posts: 267

Not too surprising, Microsoft aims for 3 years cycle with Windows. The time gap between XP and Vista was an anomaly, not a rule.

Posts: 12

The new UI windows 8 sports was the biggest turn off for me, if windows 9 is more of the same it looks like im be sticking to windows 7 a while longer.