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Let’s Play War Chess on your Face

By Toast22-10-2013

Hey, if there was ever such thing as War Chess where you played on someone's face instead of a board I think that would be an amazing idea to come out of the likes of Japan. However we're going to be talking about Warface, which involves a chess driven trailer. How cool is that? All we need now is a gameplay type where you face the enemy on a chess board, or a map, either or.  Either way, I should inform that the game is officially live in Europe and North America, waiting for some of you to download it right now.

Warface was previously in the headlines few weeks back due to some controversial skins for the female soldiers being release after feedback from different regions. Basically making them skimpy bikini-wearing warriors, this has caused an outcry due to Crytek going for a 'realistic approach', it doesn't really seem realistic for them to be running around like that, but what do I know? Crytek's Joshua Howard replied "They're not what our players at first requested in the Russian region. They tended to be considerably more extreme that what we ended up shipping with."

Wait did they want naked women running about instead? God help of us if we get skins like that...


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