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Let’s all be Gentlemen with the Saints

By Toast11-08-2013

To fuel the anticipation for the imminent release of Saints Row 4 we've recapped (or rather finally covered) the previous release this week, now we're going to look back at the secondary title, Saints Row 2. It was a rather surprise mood given that the first was absent from a PC release, which probably didn't give much standards to when creating the port for the second game. It is remember as being a pretty horrible port for its unstableness with crashing issues and with the gameplay being laggy, unresponsive and very clumsy. Give or take, it wasn't really well received for the PC and a lot were put off by it, even though at heart it did have a lot of merit to the core of the game.

Fortunately to the power of modding, if you're still up to the challenge of playing the game you can try out The Gentlemen of the Row Super Mod which enhances, and adds different things to the game. Have a look for yourself in the above trailer, it might change your mind, if you are one of those out there that want to give Saints Row 2 another chance, the mod has been out for some time, and has gotten a lot of positive praise on how it improves certain aspects, it certainly doesn't fix everything about the game, but it's the next best thing to having the best experience possible the game.

For your convenience, you can access the mod directly from the official website where you can also read an FAQ on the mod itself which is located on the Steam official forums.

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