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Legosaurus Attack

By Doubleplus19-03-2015

It's surprising how many movie licenses LEGO is able to grab to make games out of, but as the old saying goes "LEGO finds a way" or something. The latest of which is the newly announced LEGO Jurassic World which is a game set to take place during all four Jurassic Park movies. So basically, the one amazing one, the crappy one, the okay one and the one that isn't out yet so we have no idea how it will be. As much as I don't really like being reminded of the later movies, I'm quite sure the LEGO brand of family friendly parody will at least make it an enjoyable enough experience.

The LEGO games have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. During my mid-teens, I played an ungodly amount of the original LEGO Star Wars games. While I have to admit that the non-SWs ones didn't really grab me quite like they did. However, with their delve into the Jurassic Park, it will (somewhat ironically) be taking it back into familiar territory with a series I'm much closer and "into."

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