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LEGO Marvel Superheroes - This Autumn

By Leigh Cobb09-01-2013

Good news for fans of Marvel and/or LEGO, as they are turning the Marvel universe, of tight spandex wearing super heroes, into LEGO! Following on from a plethora of other LEGO themed games, such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, LEGO Marvel Superheroes will be arriving this Autumn.

Containing more than 100 characters, such as Dead Pool, Spiderman, Nick Fury and Iron Man, the game will also feature classic landmarks used in the Marvel Universe, such as New York and other iconic areas. There is further talk of taking the action beyond Earth itself... The Marvel universe is perfect for this kind of thing, as there are loads of characters and villains to choose from.

If it retains the humour of previous LEGO games, we could be in for a treat here, expect it in Autumn for PC. As for future LEGO games we'd like to see, LEGO Doctor Who please.


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