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Lego in Contested Spaaaace

By 97101-05-2014

Contested space, an indie space sandbox, brings players into a universe of creation. Players have the ability to design their fleet all while competing with rivals for control of territory. If Eve Online and Lego got married, this would be their child.

The game uses retro aesthetics, but the features and the mechanics outshines it. The ability to build your own creations is amazing and true customization is easily its greatest selling point.

That said, if you want to build an Empire, you’ll have to play something else – or you could help make one instead. You can join one of 3 factions, and contribute to its ascension. Who knows, your actions could very well help it become a great interstellar empire… or cause its downfall.

Now, with talks of building ships, you may think there is an RTS element to the game for, say, controlling fleets, but it turns out players will have to control their ships manually. This brings in a welcome level of control in a sandbox universe while doing away with the challenging aspect of RTS gameplay.

Contested space is subscription fee based at $5 per month, and if you made a particular pledge on its Kickstarter page you will get a number of free months. Any will also pledge get you access to the 'Test Universe'.

More information available here.

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