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Legend of LobodeKazooie…yo

By acharris7702-12-2013

Lefthanded Games have created a Kickstarter project called The Legend of Lobodestroyo Vs. a Liga De Los Villanos. The game takes place in a world full of animals like bandito chihuahuas, pirate parrots and wolf luchadores, except based in the real world, circa 1998. Inspiration for the project has come from games of the bygone era, like the N64's Banjo-Kazooie from developers RareWare.

The main character you play is Mutt, a runt of a pack of wolves that follows Lobodestroyo, who turns out to be protector Costa Lucha. One day Mutt awakens to find that Lobo and his pack is missing, and the La Liga de Los Villanos escaped. So he takes the packs magical belt and begins the quest to find them, and kick some Los Villanos butt.

With just 9 days left, at the time of writing they had raised $13,382, of their $35,000. Hitting this total will allow the game to be released on PC, Linux, Mac, Ouya, and Wii U. Lefthanded Games is also participating in Ouya's Free the Game Fund, which means that Ouya will match the raised total in exchange for a period of exclusivity. If anyone is interested in helping this game get funded, then you really should head to the Kickstarter page and help them out.

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