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Legacy of Wars

By Bobfish04-04-2014

Amy Hennig, after the drama around her departure from Naughty Dog, has found a new home with Visceral Games. Where she, it seems, will be going on to play an important roll in their upcoming Star Wars game. But why should we care? Naughty Dog are one of those filthy console peasant companies. I mean, who cares if she worked on Uncharted? Amirite? Well, you know something else she worked on?

Drum roll.

Oh, only the freaking Legacy of Kain!

Suddenly sounds like a much bigger deal now doesn't it? Considering how well Visceral (for the most part) did with Dead Space, and how absolutely fantastic The Legacy of Kain series is, remaining one of my favourites to this day. I am suddenly a whole lot more interested in EA's plans for the future of Star Wars. Mark my words, the future for Electronic Arts is considerably brighter than it was yesterday.

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