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Learn to Cheat with Dolphins!

By Toast12-01-2014

Have you heard of Classroom Aquatic? Well you have now! Introducing the next whacky but cool concept for Oculus Rift by an eager indie team under the management of Remy Karns. So, the objective here is simple, you are a foreign exchange student and you need to cheat in a test you totally couldn’t study for. All you need to do is watch out for the Dolphin teacher from catching you, along with watching out for the fellow Dolphin peers from rating you out. If you want a more practical approach from cheating, try throwing erasers at students or the surroundings in the classroom to distract your peers and peek quickly to get a glimpse at their answer.

Of course you could be a good student instead and just sit the test and complete it normally (CLOSE DOWN GOOGLE YOU CHEATER!) but what fun would that be when you could cheat in the traditional sense? Do you have Oculus Rift and want to give this game a try? You can download it from Remy’s official site.

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Posts: 267

The idea reminds me the ninja exam in Naruto.

Posts: 3290

What the FUCK did I just watch?!?

Posts: 297

Indeed it does!

Posts: 1548

Haha, this looks awesome!