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Leap Motion Controller Released

By NAG3LT26-07-2013

Leap Motion is an interesting control device that aims to detect the position and movements of hands with high precision. 80 mm long and 13 mm high device detects hands within a 60 cm radius around itself and its software reconstructs their position. The manufacturers claim it as a new way to control 3D applications, or use the touchscreen without touching any surface. The apps supporting the controller are available mostly via Leap Motion Airspace store, where app developers must pay a fee. However, there is no restriction on using other release channels, so it will not be the sole source of Leap Motion apps. The device is available for orders at a £70/$80 price point, while drivers and software currently only support Windows 7 and OSX 10.7 or newer. The manufacturers promise to add support for other operating systems at some later date, while some laptop makers (including ASUS and AiO) plan to bundle Leap Motion with some of their high end models. It remains to be seen if this interesting device finds its niche in the varied market of computer controls.

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