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Leaky Within

By BloodyFanGirl05-08-2013

Four Words: Leaked Evil Within Footage. Four more: Watch the video above.

AGBleaks on Dailymotion have leaked a minute of gameplay footage from Shinji Mikami's latest horror project, The Evil Within. The video isn't the best quality so it's difficult to say how good the game looks in-motion. But the video does show the player character shooting baddies, which we've previously seen in screenshots, entering through a window (The Evil Coming In, if you will). Surprisingly we also see what looks like part of a stealth section...and what happens if you aren't quite stealthy enough. Alongside these action elements of gameplay we also see the horror as the protagonist observes a shade dispatching some terrified police officers.

It certainly seems like this game will be more of an action oriented horror but it remains to be seen how well these elements will be combined. However the leaked footage certainly shows a lot of promise. The Evil Within shall burst out some time next year.

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So the video quality is horrid...but the game looks really damned fluid. Still a bit too actiony for my personal tastes...but Resident Evil (the very first game) was an action game and still incredibly atmospheric even with the laugh out loud voice acting