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Leaking Dogs?

By Bobfish31-01-2013

What appears to be a teaser for an upcoming Sleeping Dogs DLC pack has been doing the rounds. Titled Year of the Snake, supposedly, it shows some kind of festival, replete with dancing dragons and red banners proclaiming 2013. So, if true, it looks to be something taking place on or around the turn of the New Year. Which actually casts a lot of doubt on its veracity, as the Chinese celebrate the New Year as the beginning of Spring, not the changing of the calendar. The pop-up logo at the end also strikes me as being somewhat...cheap. Still, we're all certain there will be more DLC, so it's not all impossible that it could be genuine. What do you think? Join us to theorise about it in the comments below.

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So it's a good/bad kinda' thing?

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It hasn't been extremely overpriced either

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DLC in this game hasn't been handled too well IMO.