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Leaked Intel Haswell Specs

By NAG3LT14-12-2012

Leaked Haswell table

VR-zone got their hands on the table, detailing the specifications of 14 future desktop CPU’s from Intel, based on Haswell micro architecture to be released next year. All those will require a new socket – LGA1150 and have new improved HD4600 iGPU with DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.0 support. New iGPU is a likely reason for standard power parts being a bit more energy hungry (84W) than Ivy Bridge (77W).

It will be interesting to see how much performance improvement the new architecture will bring on the same 22nm process, considering Intel’s aim on reduced power requirements with Haswell. Depending on exact amount of performance HD4600 has, we may get iGPU from Intel that is more powerful than GPUs in current consoles and thus it becoming a new minimum requirement for multiplatform games.


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Posts: 596

I have high hopes for the integrated GPU for laptops. If it really is more powerful, it will make low-range gaming laptops A LOT cheaper and easier to find. For example, my gf wants a cheap gaming laptop to play puzzle games + World of Tanks (and in future World of Warships). But we have yet to find one that is both cheap and able to run World of Tanks reasonably.

Posts: 237

I still need time, maybe in april to get a new rig. If its cheap enough i might get one of these.

Posts: 1548

Damn it! I just got the 3570 :(