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Leak Reveals CoD: Ghosts as Next Instalment

By Mokman25-04-2013

Well, what a surprise. Did you know what I TOTALLY did not expect to see come out this year? Another instalment to Call of Duty. Did you know what's mind-blowingly unexpected on the leaked cover of the game which was leaked after being put up as a packshot in Tesco? A soldier in camouflage. Seriously though, this is getting ridiculous.

Anyway, details are sparse, but what we do know is that it'll be current console generation, as evidenced by the PS3 label on it, as well as that it will be developed by Infinity Ward this time. Hopefully, the subtitle "Ghosts" on it would lead Infinity Ward to developing something else either than the cover-based click-fest that the series has become, though that hope has been wearing thin for quite some time. Actually, I've kinda grown used to the old formula - I really enjoyed the last one when I put it into context. It's just an updated version of Time Crisis transplanted into my PC. Now, does anybody have any ideas on how I can get that pedal-thing working on my rig?

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This looks amazing :D