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Lead Designer "Need to Wash The Stain Of C&C4 Away"

By Mokman13-05-2013

Samuel Bass, the lead designer of Command & Conquer 4, presumably had to eat crow recently, it seems from a statement he recently made regarding the Command & Conquer reboot. Where previously he had stood on the side of the argument that real-time strategy games should have non-scripted single-player campaigns and new ways of looking at the genre, he has now changed his script, having since been placed as the Lead Designer of the upcoming Command & Conquer reboot.

In an interview with Game Informer he stated "When our community installs the game and they start to play it - the veterans, the people who've been with C&C since '95 - all I really want from them is to go, 'Holy crap, this is Command and Conquer'. The first thing we said was, we need to kind of wash the stain of C&C4 away. And to do that you really have to get back to your roots - get back to what it was that made your fans your fans in the first place."

Wow, that's quite... a strong turn of phrase to use on a game that you spent probably more than a year designing. Still, what does this mean for the series? A return to the roots? Or stagnation? Only time will tell, it seems - Command & Conquer will be released this year as a free-to-play offering, though if you cannot wait, head on over to their site to sign up for the beta.

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That...was harsh

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Indeed, I wonder how this will turn out :-P Meaning I will probably have to try it out :-D