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Lawbreakers Yay it’s Here Finally! …What Is It?

By elethio27-08-2015

BossKey, the original creators of Gears of War, have finally announced their new game Lawbreakers and released a meaningless trailer that has as much to do with a game as a Michael Bay movie has to do with an eighties toy franchise.

Ok I'm in a grump, please allow me this because frankly:

1. it's too early


2. I'm the one sifting through the mountain of marketing garbage to find looking for a kernel of truth in the middle of this mess.

So here you go: Lawbreaker is a F2P team based, arena FPS, in a sci-fi setting with jet packs and dodgy gravity.

Don't bother sifting through the forums the only info there are obtuse teasings, and musings about the background stories hinted in the video. So enjoy the trailer if you must, but if you feel the need to get over excited this game let me just say one thing: Tribes Ascend.

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Alternate future. Wut?