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Lawbreakers Gameplay Reveal

By WskOsc28-08-2015

Lawbreakers has been getting a lot of attention lately, probably because we've been waiting so long to hear anything about it and now we've had two trailers almost back to back. This new trailer shows supposedly shows actual gameplay but it's a bit slick and it's unlikely the average player is going to be as accurate or skillful as what's shown. That said, there's a sweet grappling hook mechanic and it looks suspiciously like Unreal Tournament but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Stay tuned for more info as we get it!

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I'm still stuck on the "alternate future" part. Uhm, dude? Dafuq does that even mean?

Oh Cliffy Ballsack, you are a ballsack

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Unreal Tournament + Bulletstorm = LawBreakers!