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In Case You Don't Care About Launching Rockets Into Orbit

By MrJenssen09-02-2014

Kerbal Space Program is a semi-sorta realistic simulator where you build your own space rockets and launch them into space, in the name of science. There are all kinds of things you can build, from remote-controlled drones and wobbly rovers, to space shuttles and even orbiting space stations.

...but in case you don't care about stuff like that, here is Starscream to save the day! Well, technically it's StarsKream, but y'know. With YouTube being so fickly these days, one can't be too careful. Anyway, it's not a modification to the game, but rather a (kind of) fully functional craft built by someone in-game, with the assets available to all players. Check out the video above for a demonstration.

It's quite an achievement, this thing. Not an aerodynamic achievement mind you - the creator himself says it flies like poo. And as we all know, poo doesn't fly very far. Or very aerodynamically reliable. But those who have played Kerbal Space Program know just how hard it is to make the various parts exist together in harmony, and even the smallest of changes to your blueprint can have catastrophic results for the craft once it is constructed. The fact that this thing will even transform from one...thing...to another, shows just how much work the creator put into the little project. In case you believe this to be a hoax, you're even allowed to download the craft and test it yourself. What better thing can you think of doing on a lazy Sunday anyway?

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