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Launching a Planetary Annihilation

By Fr33Lanc3r.00702-09-2014

We here at Pixel Judge have been showering Planetary Annihilation with love for a long time now, and it looks like the wait for a full release is finally over.

Uber Entertainment have announced via Kickstarter that they will be launching the full release of PA on the 5th of September. This version will come with a number of improvements, and two features that they've been hoarding for the final version - Gas Giant planets rich in resources, and a Death Star like Planet-Laser called (appropriately) the 'Annihilaser'.

Bundled with the announcement was a brand new trailer (which shows off the Annihilaser in all its glory), which everyone even remotely interested in the game should check out. So stop reading this and watch the video!!

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Also, the always online DRM well be removed with the final game.