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Launch Trailer Launched, Is A Trailer

By JcDent28-01-2013

With Dead Space 3 incoming and cries of whiny fanboy groups in the air, EA launched the "Take Down the Terror" trailer. Possible tie-ins with Zero Dark Thirty? Are Necromorphs funded by Taliban?

Never the less, the trailer shows a lot of silly things. Like how your space age space suit can withstand hard vacuum, but needs a fur jacket to keep you warm in snow. Or how Isaac shields his face from the blizzard with his hand... despite wearing the airtight helmet.

This is some sort of stupid trend these days: sequels reimagine somewhat reasonable clothing into something completely stupid and punk. Just look at Blackwatch hoodies in Prototype 2, ghetto Cell troopers in Crysis 3. Or Isaac the Leather Space Suit.

Also, it shows some scenes from the game that the trailers claim to be "actual gameplay footage". More like "actual quick time event footage", but whatever.

Oh, and there's a shitload of those Marker things in the end. Boy, they sure are scary, just standing there in a chasm in Hoth, with no humans to convert into Necromorphs...

So, are we entertained?

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Posts: 3290

I was entertained.

Incidentally, the hand over his face wasn't to shield his eyes. Having melting snow on a visor is a pain in the arse. Believe me, I know from experience

Posts: 241

Man this looks so... generic. I just can't get excited for something like this.