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Latest ArmA 3 Community Guide Details Snipers and Launchers

By Mokman31-08-2013

In the creatively named community guide "Snipers And Launchers", Bohemia Interactive have showcased us yet another aspect of the hotly anticipated sequel to ArmA 2, currently in beta with thousands already diving headlong into the fun - myself included. However, where the previous guide focused on the, at times, rage-inducing helicopters, this video focuses on something a bit more personal - and less, depending on which side of the barrel you find yourself on.

Snipers have always been an interesting aspect of ArmA, what with its realistic bullet drop allowing for sophisticated sniping systems. In ArmA 3, it looks to be no different, offering an extremely realistic simulation of a sniper's job, far, far away from the front lines, dealing with the tiny insects running about one by one, picking them off.

And then you have the anti-tank/anti-aircraft teams in ArmA 3, which are now somewhat the heroes of the hour. With the proliferation of vehicles and helicopters and other armoured transports, the need for man-portable anti-tank weapons have risen, and the various launchers being introduced seem raring to go, ready for the task at hand. It thus transforms an one-sided battle into a delicate cat and mouse situation, one avoiding the other until the perfect positioning is achieved.

Bohemia Interactive really hits the spot with Community Guides, a good mix of official information and community-driven love that marks the ArmA communities above most other gaming communities. Let's hope that there will be more to come.

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DAMN! This got so much cooler since I last played it.