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Late Customisation

By Bobfish06-05-2013

Further to the sneak peek at The Old Republic's new playable race, the Catharr, we have a more detailed explanation of the changes coming with Update 2.1. These include the new Appearance Designer Kiosk which will allow you to change your eye and hair colour, the colour of your clothing and even...change your species?!


You heard that right. Because going to the store for a new outfit is too mainstream. In the world of Star Wars you can have species realignment surgery bitches! This is probably intended to allow those who wanted to be a Catharr from birth, so to speak, not to be forced to start all over again just to have the character they want. It's a little silly to just randomly become another frikkin' species! But from a gameplay perspective, why the hell not? It keeps the playerbase happy. A full list of changes can be found here, though we're still waiting on an official release date. Obviously not April though, despite what the video above says.

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