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Last Of Black Ops 2 DLC

By JcDent13-08-2013

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2... now has an Apocalypse DLC that will end the DLC season (why do we even call them that when there's only ever one DLC) for this game. It has a few new maps - all look BlOps-ish - and, if you watch the video, a guy that's seriously too excited about them. And lies something about various engagement ranges when we all know that in BlOps 2, SMG is god, and shotgun is pope.

Now, the interesting thing is that we now know what the damn Origins trailer was about. It's a new WWI zombie map... with robots and giant robots. Kind of sort of looks interesting if it's not going to be as badly done as zombie mode was in the original Black Ops 2.

So, BlOpers (that is, Stunt), what do yo think about it?

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