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Larry Won't Reload Yet

By MrJenssen27-05-2013

Leisure Suit Larry was a pretty big guy for a while, back in the pointy, clicky 90s. Well, not literally a big guy. But pretty much every gamer knew about him. Sequel upon sequel later, the brand had become smudged with some bad titles and... other bad things...

Anyway, long story short: The series died off as is often the case with series that have run out of steam. For years, there were no Larry games in sight, and hopes for the future were bleak. That is, until Kickstarter rose to the occasion and rebooted a ton of different classic franchises. Developer Replay Games saw their chance and hopped on the wave a little over a year ago. A month later, and the dream had come true; the Leusire Suit Larry remake's Kickstarter campaign had finally reached success.

Ever since, the little studio have been hard at work with their game - now dubbed Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded. The game has had some delays, but for a while now the plan has been to release the game sometime near the end of May. They've recently been having a closed beta going on, where backers could try the game out, find bugs and help the developer out. It is in connection with this beta test that Replay have released a new update on Kickstarter. Apparently, the 4000+ willing beta testers have uncovered quite a lot more bugs and issues than the developer was hoping they'd find.

"Here's the problem, and thus this unscehdule Kickstarter update: due to the pure number of bugs found in the PC version alone (Mac version is being tested now,but not via Steam), we're having to delay the game, yet again, until the end of June. I can't tell you how many phone calls, arguments, and heart breaking conversations I've had with my advisors on this. I SERIOUSLY wanted this game out by the end of May because we've postponed it more times than Larry's been rejected. Ok, well, maybe not THAT many, but still....we've had some delays."

So there you have it. The new release estimate is June. Will the legend of the 90s keep his promise and return to us during the busy summer months, or will it be pushed further back?

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Posts: 44

In the words of Catherine Tate, "I'm not bovvered." The Leisure Suit Larry games were like being forced to play through an interactive version of one of those awful Carry On movies from the '60s. Still, it'll be interesting to see how Larry is received in our current 'PC-gone-mad' environment.

Posts: 127

Still a better story than releasing it half-ready and then try to repair it on the run with untested patches :-) *cough* SimCity *cough*