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Larian Flex Genre Blending Muscles

By MrJenssen28-02-2013

Larian Studios - the Belgian developer that brought us the Divinity series and...well, the Divinity series, just released a rather interesting trailer for one of its upcoming games, namely Divinity: Dragon Commander. Larian has previously been focused on making single player RPGs only, but with Dragon Commander, they seem to have quite a few new things up their sleeve. Quite a few different genres too. Though it's hard to tell which genre is the dominant one of the game, the trailer showcases both real time and turn based strategy gameplay, ship management, different RPG-elements and... a fantasy flight simulator? It's hard to tell, but it all looks very promising. So don't forget to check it out yourself! This is one to keep on the radar for sheer curiosity's sake alone.

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