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Large Update For Standalone DayZ

By Merc26-01-2013

It has been some time since we have heard what new features would be in the standalone version of Day Z, today we get some news straight from the developers. It is a massive update indeed, also an exciting one. First thoughts are wow, they are adding a lot of features to this game, maybe more than people were expecting.

New features include:

  • Lighting and material improvements
  • Volumetric Cloud system
  • New Server Architecture
  • Clothing/Inventory status
  • Closed Test Status
  • Art/World updates
  • Customizing your character
  • Customizing your weapon

In the update for the game, every one of these features has an explanation so make sure and go through all of it. The screenshots included show what the game will look like and it is a huge step up from the mod version. Unfortunately it sounds like the game is far from being released, but as long as they work on it until its great then we cannot be mad at them. What are your thoughts on the standalone version of DayZ, let us know in the comments.

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Posts: 351

Yeah War Z lol. Anyway this game is shaping up nicely and I will definatley be picking it up. Keep up the good work guys :D

Posts: 1548

That looks great. Really want to get my hands on it in more of a co-op friendly environment and less mp. we have warZ for mp :P