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Lara Teases Next-Gen Update

By acharris7721-11-2013

It would appear that Tomb Raider will be getting a next-gen update, or so a leaked listing on Amazon Italy, (now taken down) would have us believe. The Crystal Dynamics game made an appearance on Brazil's ratings board as well. The port was called Tomb Raider: 'The Definitive Version'. A Square Enix Representative curiously responded about this:

"It's so hard to keep a secret these days! We appreciate all of the enthusiasm, however we don't have any details to share just yet. That said, we highly recommend you keep an eye on any major gaming events happening in early December."

We all know that Square are famous for not responding to rumours, so I would say that we could be seeing something from them. Or it could be that they are trying to deflect the attention away from the fact, they are doing a sequel. And further proof that there might be a sequel, a trademark has been registered by Square themselves. This is in regards to a title which is called 'Lara Croft Reflections."

Hopefully more news will come along in the following weeks on whether everyone's favourite, Lady Croft, will be available for us to play with again. I mean, come on, who would not like to play with Lara?

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Mm, Lara teasing us