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Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing...Zynga

By Kelevandos10-07-2013

Don Mattrick, the former head of Microsoft's entertainment department and the face of Xbox ONE, left the company last week. His new employer is Zynga Inc., where he took up the role of the CEO. Zynga, the once gigantic force responsible for social gaming hits including Famville, has been facing huge loses lately, with the casual gaming industry moving from Facebook onto Smartphones. Mattrick, known for his involvement in "saving" the face of Xbox and turning it into a home entertainment centre, is supposedly going to try and save the company.

While his departure may be recent, an article on Bloomberg tells us that talks between Mattrick and Zynga's founder, Mark Pincus, were going on since 2010. Initially, the idea was to buyout Zynga and use its experience to create a strong social gaming components on Xbox. These negotiations ceased without a visible effect, but Pincus and Mattrick kept in touch. As two baking enthusiasts, they did some casual trips, appearently with million-dollar worth of discussions taking place during the stops.

Many people speculate that Mattrick will have a hard time introducing major changes into the company, as Pincus kept the decisive voice with a majority of board's voting power. On the other hand, one does not simply leave Microsoft for a doomed company, so my bet is that we will be hearing much of Zynga in the near feature.

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Dude knows exactly what he's doing

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A lot of people seem to take this as like a "fall from grace". He's becoming the CEO of Zynga. Even if a company goes under, the men on top always get off with it with a fat paycheck either way. He's winning.

That smug fuck.

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Mattrick is one of those who thinks he can fix anything

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