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LA Game Space Hits its Funding Goal

By siegarettes04-12-2012

LA Game Space, an ambitious combination of workshop, musuem, and discussion center has met its funding goal on Kickstarter.

Drawing in an incredible collective of artists and game developers from the entire scope of the industry, the creators of LA Game Space are aiming for the project to become a place where games can not only be exhibited, but also created, tested, and discussed in an effort to move the medium forward. Everyone from indie darlings Joakim Sandberg, Edmund McMillen, and Vlambeer to artists Pen Ward, Paul Robertson and Meatbun are getting involved in the project, contributing artwork and games as backer rewards.

The Kickstarter will still be going up until this Friday and by backing it you can get a whopping 30 new games by the creators behind games such as Hotline Miami, Nidhogg and the Bit Trip Series...and help fund something that could be very exciting for videogames.

Personally, what I find most intriguing about the project is the promise to document the many TED style talks on games and discussion via live-streaming and uploads to the Internet Archive. This would put them into the public space, allowing everyone interested in games to freely learn from them.

Take a look at their meticulously created Kickstarter page to get a better idea of the what they are aiming for, and its possible implications.

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