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Kunari Age

By drcoolio34511-07-2014

Enough with the CGI, enough with the fancy cinematic trailers, finally BioWare has finally given us some solid gameplay in the form of YouTube video for Dragon Age: Inquisition. All the dragon age staples of ability based combat, conflict between the mages and Templars, and a good looking dark fantasy world with a twinge of humor were presented in the video, but there were a few new things as well.

The "Focus" mechanic is making a debut in Inquisition, which is a resource you can collect by working together with your team to pull off massive attacks you otherwise couldn't. Besides that, Dragons, and combat with them has been overhauled it seems to allow the player to focus their attacks on individual areas of the beast to weaken it Dragon's Dogma style. When you're not slaying dragons or warping time and space with Focus, we were told that you'll be able to craft your own equipment, level up in way more skill trees than either of the other Dragon Ages offered, and ride horses.

So, in other words, it's looking good, but this was just part one in a series of BioWare gameplay trailers it seems. More will be on the way soon, and hopefully next time they show off some of that influential world they've been bragging about and actually kill a dragon instead of attacking a leg for five minutes.

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