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Krillbite's Toddler Falls Out Of 2013 Window

By MrJenssen18-11-2013

If you're a horror game fan, then you're probably well aware of the fascinatingly unique Among The Sleep, a horror game in which you control a toddler in a house where creepy things happen.

Norwegian developer Krillbite Studios had a successful run at Kickstarter last spring, and it is in one of their backer-only updates that they've come forth with some information on when they'll be ready to kick their baby out the door.

"It looks as though Among the Sleep will be released early spring 2014" the update states, claiming that they have the intention of making the game as good as possible. It's good to hear that quality comes first, as we've recently seen some Kickstarter projects fumble a little with their funding and as a result, end up having to release their game in a much too unfinished state. I'm looking at you, Takedown.

So there you have it. Some of you may be a bit disappointed that the game is no longer set for release in December 2013 according to the original plan, but I think we can all agree that it's better to have a good game late, than a shoddy one early. It shouldn't even be necessary to state it, but in this day and age it seems most games release in what one could call a late beta stage. So kudos to Krillbite. I don't know about you lot, can't I personally wait to crap my diapers come spring 2014.

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