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Krieg Hits Pandora on May 14

By MrJenssen07-05-2013


Though I love Borderlands 2, and have logged so many hours into it that I really should be embarrassed by it at this point, I always felt the game lacked something. The original Borderlands wasn't a perfect game, but it had something BL2 didn't. It had Brick. Brick was the game's melee-focused character. And boy was he a badass. Nothing was more fun (and empowering) than to break out Brick's special ability - his fists - in the middle of a hectic firefight, to go apeshit and turn every enemy in the area into pulp bags of pus. I loved Brick, he was the main reason I kept playing it.

Sure, Borderlands 2 had Zer0, who before Borderlands 2's launch was one of the most promising characters of the franchise. Sadly, he ended up being quite a disappointment for most people. His melee strike was grossly underpowered, and his special cloak ability was a snooze. In other words, Borderlands 2 never had such a strong melee character. That is... DUN-DUN-DUUUUUN, until now!

Krieg is his name, and war is his game. No, that's not quite right. Slaughter looks more like his game. Krieg is the Gearbox's attempt to finally get a proper playable melee character down on Pandora. Well, again. He boasts several unique abilities and skills to unlock - I mean he wields a buzz saw axe and can spew fire, for the sake of everything holy. Similar to Brick, he'll throw down his firearms and chooses to get close and personal with his foe when the special ability is triggered. He seems a lot more fleshed out than Brick was, though. No pun intended. He can also unlock the ability to run around throwing dynamites at enemies before blowing himself (and anyone unlucky enough to stand in his way) to smithereens once he goes down. And that's far from everything he can do.

Krieg isn't the first new character added to Borderlands 2 after release, but he sure seems to go along quite nicely with the general theme of mayhem and destruction. He's part of the game's very last DLC, titled the 'Psycho Pack'. If you're a fan of Borderlands 2, you'll likely already have heard of Krieg and what he can do. But in case you missed it, here's some nice footage from Gearbox's presentation at PAX East back in March. Psyched yet?

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Am I really the only one excited about this new character? O.o