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KoTOR II Gets Ported, Brings A Little Extra Along

By zethalee22-07-2015

Nearly ten and a half years (!) after the official release of Knights of the Old Republic 2 on Windows, it's getting a patch, and finally being ported to Mac OS and Linux. While normally, bringing the game to new platforms wouldn't necessarily be newsworthy, the contents of the patch alongside the port make it worth checking out.

The patch itself adds Steam Cloud functionality with savegames, achievements to be earned through gameplay, native widescreen support (which effectively eliminates the need to edit an .ini file that comes with the game), full resolution support for up to 4K/5K, controller support for a myriad of devices, and perhaps most importantly, workshop functionality. That last point is of particular note, because the team at Aspyr worked with the developers of the Sith Lords Restored Content mod to be the first mod available on the workshop at launch, which fixes issues and makes the game feel more complete.

As was widely reported on the game's launch, KOTOR 2 is not the most stable and bug-free title, but with the integration of the workshop, we're bound to see more and more mods appear that enhance the game, or perhaps turn it into something new entirely. In any case, a patch for a game a decade old is well appreciated, if not startling.

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Ding ding ding!

Hit the nail on the head. And it fucks me off to high heaven that people are praising BioWare for this

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This is Obsidian's baby. They have a track-record of caring for their older games. Bioware doesn't have that same track record.

Posts: 3290

And what about the first one huh?