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Kotaku Preys On Bethesda's Prey 2 Deception

By JcDent19-08-2013

Prey 2 had an awesome, promising trailer once...and that was the only good thing we ever heard about it. Later on, the game was hit with all sorts of delays and the relationship between the developer Human Head studio and publisher Bethesda are somewhat strange. Lately, both Bethesda and Arkane Studio (made Dishonored) have been vehemently denying rumours, that Prey 2 was switched to Arkane.

Except, if the e-mails acquired by Kotaku are true, it totally is being made by said studio.

Now, this is not the same Prey 2 that Human Head was making. It's a totally new thing they're building from scratch - and it was pitched to Bethesda as a spiritual sequel to System Shock (as we all now, the only thing that BioShock Infinite inherited from it, is the word "Shock"). So, hooray? I mean, I'll miss the promise of a free running alien bounty hunting business, but Arkane are good people and System Shock 2 was a hell of a game.

Still strange why they hid that so hard.

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