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Konami's Pre-3 Show

By Bobfish06-06-2013

So E3 is on our doorsteps, meaning we're all set to be inundated with masses of gaming news at the end of next week. But what's this? Konami are jumping in early. Hinting at what they'll be hinting at next week.

A wild E3 appears.

Konami: I choose you!

Konami uses YouTube video.

It's SUPER effective.

So what all is in here? A hell of a lot actually. The very short version is a lot of games are on their way, across home consoles, mobile devices and the PC. The not quite so short, and more informative version, is there's an impressive cross-section of Konami's plans for the next year. Including opening themselves up to publishing for Indie studios (don't they stop being Indie if you do that..?) some details of the next Pro Evo, The Phantom Pain (including a new voice for Snake!) and a 'trailer' for the upcoming Lords of Shadow 2.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. For the rest...you shouldn't even be reading this, you should already have clicked play on the video above. So go, shoo, click the play button and start leaving your jaw dropping gushing in the box below.

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Posts: 596

Konami still participate in E3? :O

Posts: 3290

Konami do have a long history of neglecting the PC indeed. Here's hoping the new generation will, finally, kick their arse into gear. Though I can appreciate their decisions, from a technical perspective, to cherry pick one (closed) platform each generation. It allows them to stay a lot more tightly focused

Posts: 237

I was awaiting for some MGR PC footage, but i can wait. :)Other than that, yeay, more games! :D

Posts: 3290

The new Snake.

I approve