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Kojima's Name Completely Removed From Metal Gear Solid 5 Box Art

By WskOsc15-07-2015

Eagle eyed NeoGAF users have spotted that on the final box art for Metal Gear Solid 5, e.g. the one that's going into production for the boxed release of the game is missing Hideo Kojima's name as well as the Kojima Productions name. Fan reactions to this reveal have been negative so far, Kojima-san is a well loved and respected figure in the industry and many fans see him and Kojima Productions as all that's been keeping Konami afloat amidst their terrible business decisions.

You can see the Playstation 4 production box art above, sadly we don't have one for the PC or Xbox One yet but the box art is usually the same save for a few rejigged logos to each platform. There's a lot going on here and it's unlikely we'll ever know the true cause of Kojima-san's name being stripped from everything (reportedly the name has been removed from title sequences in-game too) but we do know that it's a terrible move that doesn't paint Konami in a flattering light, which is something they really don't need right now.

What say you? Do you care about a name or just the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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